i offer a range of different options for character commissions which are listed below. please be aware that all prices are listed in gbp and the turnaround time for each commission is 21 working days, although rush options are available. please scroll to the bottom of the page to see how to submit a commission request.
avatar commission £50
HEADSHOT commission £65​​​​​​​
TORSO commission £100
Base price greyscale £50
base price colour £50
second character + 50%
complex armour or features +50% (per character)
background +50%

8 expressions £100

♡ ♡ ♡
commission turnaround time
21 working days: Free
14 working days: +50%
7 working days: +100%​​​​​​​
purchase instructions
if you're interested in purchasing a commission from me, please either click the button below to fill out my commission form, or you can email your request to schnumn@outlook.com.
if you would like to submit your request via email, please be sure to attach some visual references for your character along with a description of their personality. if you don't have visual references, i ask that you put together a moodboard or a pinterest board.​​​​​​​
if you would like to submit your request via the commission form, please be aware that the form is a google form so it may prompt you to log in with your google account. this is normal and perfectly safe so please don't be alarmed if it happens!
once i have received the form or email, i will send you a paypal invoice. please be aware that i cannot start working on a commission until i have received the payment and from that date, the commission will be completed within 21 working days.

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